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apraxia, feeding issues, autism, winchester, va

SkyClimb Sensory Development Center is proud to partner with Without Limits Speech Therapy of Winchester for all of your speech therapy needs.

A common misconception about speech language pathologists is that they only teach children how to say sounds correctly. This is one of many things they do! Speech language pathologists are able to evaluate, diagnose, and treat communication disorders for children and adults with:

  • Articulation Disorders - difficulty producing speech sounds (ex. lisp)

  • Auditory Processing Disorders - difficulty with distinguishing speech sounds & word meaning

  • Developmental Delay  

  • Hearing Loss/Impairment & Cochlear Implants

  • Language Disorders - difficulties with expressive, receptive & pragmatic language

  • Phonological Disorders - speech patterns

  • Stuttering - fluency

  • Stroke/Aphasia - problems with speaking, understanding, reading, & writing due to stroke or brain injury

  • Swallowing/Feeding Issues

  • Apraxia - Problems controlling mouth muscles to speak clearly

  • Voice Disorders

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (or ASD)

  • Oral Motor Disorders - weak tongue and/or lip muscles

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